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Leo Fallas 

Founder of Changula POST

Colorist | Editor | Post Supervisor


Leo graduated from the School of Science and Mass Communication at the University of Costa Rica, with a focus on Media Production. He also received a Specialization in Film Post Production at Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica in Mexico DF.


His portfolio includes editing, color and post-production work on several features including Password (2000), Mujeres en el Acto (2002), Del amor y otros demonios (2009), Luces de Esperanza (documentary; 2010) Puro Mula (fiction; 2011), Por las Plumas (fiction;2013), Dos Aguas (fiction; 2014), Viaje (fiction, 2015), Presos (fiction; 2015), First Lady of the Revolution (2016),  Violeta al fin (fiction; 2017), Keylor Navas la película (2017), Cascos Indomables (2018) Scattering CJ (2018), Medea (2018), Beyond Hoarding (2019) and Netflix series Desenfrenadas / Unstoppable (2020), Ahí te Encargo (Netflix original 2020)


Leo regularly host lectures on post-production, editing, color grading and finishing. Since 2011, he has served as the Academic Coordinator of the first Institute in AudioVisual Post-Production of Costa Rica, at the Center for Technology and Visual Arts (CETAV).

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